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Captain Cheesy Sparklebutt
12 September 2012 @ 10:33 pm

My dress from themugence on the egl comm sales finally got here, it's my first burando dress and I am so excite!! I wanna wear it now but it's 10 at night so probably not worth getting all dolled up for about an hour or so. It's my AP Assorted Cookie JSK in mint- and the blouse I found at Goodwill is even more perfect than I thought for it! -includes le picture-

Apologies for the crappy lighting (the main light bulbs in my room have burnt out and I've yet to replace them) and my ipod isn't exactly meant for professional photography-worthy pictures anyways. I may or may not get around to posting a video about this dress later in the week, but in case I don't, I'll talk about it here. 

In regards to the dress itself it has exceeded my expectations, and with it being the first burando dress I've ever bought I was just fucking amazed at its sheer /awesomeness./ I mean my Bodyline dress is awesome but this beats it by over nine thousand. (It's LINED * A *) And the little heart cookie pocket's absolutely adorable. themugence did a great job taking care of it, I still have yet to even find the small stains she showed in her original pictures. Everything is exactly how she said it would be, and I love it. :) 

I was a little concerned that my boobs might be too big for this dress and that I would have to bind a little bit to squeeze into it (which, for this dress, would be most definitely worth it.) But it appears I have no worries! Thankfully I lost weight over the summer so the measurements I have written down for myself are outdated and well... Bigger. The only problem I really had was getting the zipper up- it's not that it was incredibly tight around my ribcage, it just seems to get a little stuck at the seam where the bodice meets the skirt. I got it up fine (after a little toying with it) and got it all sorted out with a little extra room in the bodice to spare, so I am freaking /ecstatic./ 

I was a little worried if it would get here in time or not for homecoming but thankfully it did- I want to wear it on our theme day and possibly in the parade, depending on whether or not the art club does a float this year. The theme is Disney in general, so a lot of girls are trying to go dressed up as Disney princesses and all. I'm not aiming for any princess in particular- if anyone asks, I'll just say that I'm dressed up as myself, pretending I get to be a princess for the day. ;) I will certainly feel like it in this coord omgomgogmlamsdmkldfgdfjlakjfdklsjfsdfkjdsklfdsjlksfj /commences happy keyboard mashing

I'm really happy I got this dress cause it'll be one of my sweet winter coords c: I have boots to go with it and white tights and the otks as shown in the picture to keep warm, plus two different cardigans, mittens, a hat etc., all of which will go perfectly with the dress! If that isn't luck (considering how small my loli wardrobe is right now) then I don't know what is. The only thing I really need is a purse since that little pony one I have in the picture doesn't really match, but it'll do for now. 

A quick outfit breakdown:

OTKs and shoes- Bodyline
Purse and blouse- Goodwill lD 
Necklace- handmade

So with all that said and done I really look forward to getting to wear this for the first time (it'll be my favorite tea party dress :3) and yeah Cheesy is as happy as a clam. \o/ Yay!

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Captain Cheesy Sparklebutt
Maybe someday I'll be able to afford all of these and cross each one off of my list.. /dreamy sigh

AatP's "Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island" Alvida and/or Mary JSK in navy

Bodyline's "P128/Anchor Stripes" in navy

F+F's "Victorian Rococo Lolita Jacquard Square Neckline Ball Dress" (wow gr8 name good job guys /sarcasm) in brown + matching tricorn

AP's "Sugary Carnival" JSK in black

DoL's "Milky Planet" JSK (Version B) replica in black- because the original by AP wouldn't fit me ._. looks like I'll be going in with some fabric paint, whoo-hoo...

AP's "Assorted Cookie" JSK in mint Have it!

Taobao brand Chess Story's "It's High Tea Time" JSK in pink

BtssB's "Clockwork Tea Party Lumiere" JSK in navy

Infanta's "Butterfly Crucifix Army Style" JSK + capelet set in dark green

Surface Spell's "Cathedral Gothic JSK" in black x purple

DoL's "Vampire Requiem" replica JSK in blue (because I like the dress but not enough that I want to spend a lot of money on an original.)

Infanta's "Cinderella and Prince Charming" JSK in black x gold

F+F's "Fairy Twilight" JSK in light blue and deep gray

F=F's "Classic Lolita Pintuck Tiered etc. etc. etc." JSK in... "pale blueish gray"

F=F's "Unicorn Carriage" JSK in mint

Bodyline's "L479" in beg

Bodyline's "L135" in red

RTBU's ... I'm not gonna bother with that monster of a title, in blue 

Bodyline's "L483" JSK in pink

Bodyline's "L251/Soft Cream" JSK in mint

Bodyline's "L145" skirt in black

Bodyline's "L325" skirt in black

Bodyline's "L305/Antique Clock" skirt in gray

Metamorphose's "Twinkle Journey" op, bustle jsk OR pinafore jsk in navy

AatP's "Melty Mermaid Princess" op in black

Rose Melody's "Merry-Go-Around" JSK in black with silver

Gloomth's "Star Carousel" JSK ok wow I really want this ffff

Gloomth's "Academy Day Dress" JSK 

Bodyline's "P063" blouse/skirt/corset set in black x blue

Bodyline's "L294" coat in sax

Infanta's "Rose Embroidery Brass Button Coat" in black

AP's Tea cup purse in white x pink

Loris Shooting Star Shoulder Bag in pale yellow

IW style violin embroidery handbag in white

Loris "Sweet Cream Cake" shoulder bag in lavender
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